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A life in photography......

I get a tremendous buzz from seeing a great picture on my camera screen. It’s still the same thrill I experienced seeing a negative or transparency 30-odd years ago. Nothing changes over the years; the sense of personal satisfaction I capture a 'killer picture' is still there.

I didn't originally plan to be a photographer. By fortuitous ‘bad luck’ my original career goal (of being a pilot in the RAF) was just not to be: I must have been the only 17 year old on the aptitude tests to fail absolutely everything. However, being nuts about aeroplanes did encourage me to take pictures of them at every opportunity, and then of almost every other subject available to me.

I started my photojournalist wanderings with a camera when he was about 15. Relatives lived on the outskirts of London, and I would take the Central Line tube into town and explore the capital. I also admit to playing hooky from sixth form to be out and about with my first camera, and then sending the results to magazines such as Amateur Photographer. In later years, and with the aid of a drivers license, I would drive around Kent shooting anything which took my fancy, then submitting prints to publications such as Country Life, Kent Life and This England. In fact my love of travel photography started at this time. I have recently received a reproduction fee for such an image submitted to a county magazine around 30 years ago!

When I left sixth form I took a job as a trainee snapper on my local paper. My career proper started with top level news and sports coverage for the national press after being head-hunted by a local press agency, in particular during the 1980’s the World Snooker at Sheffield's Crucible Theatre, at that time the nation’s top spectator sport.

In 1986 I visited and photographed extensively the Falkland Islands, sponsored by the Government, after meeting a Falklander in a pub in Derbyshire!

Then my ‘specialist subjects’ continued with images of tiny tots for the nation’s baby magazines (including my own twin boys), dynamic images of high-performance jet aircraft (and eventually indulging my personal love of everything aviation).

I have regularly taken time out from a busy photographic schedule and hit the road to shoot stock in California and southern France. Here I produced well over 50.000 images for major stock photography sites, as well as editorial images for all manner of publications worldwide.

Now, my stock shooting is closer to home, specialising in unusual and eclectic images not always found in the major stock archives. Moving to Aysgarth (of the famous Falls) in 2016 I then started to capture the beauty and drama of The Yorkshire Dales, adding these to my existing library.

Now I shoot stock for my own site, Photography In Yorkshire.

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